Edelris, Medchem-oriented research & services

EDELRIS is a medicinal chemistry company dedicated to the design and synthesis of innovative, natural product-mimetic screening compounds, Hit-to-Lead & Lead Optimization projects and Custom Synthesis.

Hit to Lead and Lead optimization

Since its inception, Edelris has offered Medicinal Chemistry services aligned to the high expectations of our clients.

Our strong expertise gained from previous positions of our management team in Pharma (accounting for 2 marketed NCE’s, 5 clinical candidates in Phase I & II, 100+ patents and publications),  combined with an excellent track record in solving chemistry challenges, positions us as a privileged and reliable partner, notably to explore the boundaries of small molecule drug discovery.

Edelris can help you define your strategy and can provide full support for your medicinal chemistry programs, notably in:

  • the selection of biased compounds for biological screening (from 3D-pharmacophore datamining of a  proprietary database of over 3 million compounds)
  • the iterative and rational design and synthesis of new and IP-free active molecules based on physicochemical property predictions and structure-based design.
  • the fast preparation of focused or follow-up libraries by parallel synthesis and high-throughput purification.
  • the synthesis and purification of challenging molecules (natural product chemistry, macrocycles, bioconjugates, …).
  • ADME/PK and early tox determination (through an established network of partners).

Edelris has successfully developed medicinal chemistry programs with major pharmaceutical companies, biotechs and academic groups, either in direct support to their internal programs or in the framework of collaborative projects.